Smart Construction

Smart Construction

Modern technology and streamlined methods have changed the way we approach challenges and design sitework plans. Being on the forefront of technological innovation in construction, our team has refined our processes over the past decade while maintaining our renowned quality of work. Our engineers and surveyors utilize cutting-edge modeling technology to stay ahead of industry competitors. Our RTK satellite-connected machines get more precise with each year, helping us further minimize impact from site complications. 


Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Drone Surveying

T. E. Stevens utilizes a number of drones and UAVs. Our pre-programmed and remote-controlled devices are a powerful tool for land surveys, topographic surveying, 3D mapping, and photogrammetry. RTK drone surveying relies on satellite-based location validation to provide increased accuracy for the drone’s measurements.

Careful consideration is made in the planning stage to identify usable material from the excavated area to reduce costs of additional site development. TE Stevens engineers work with client’s interests in mind long before we ever break ground. This allows us to provide higher quality sitework quickly and cost-effectively.


3D Site Modeling

Advanced design and engineering software allows us to better understand the challenges of every unique job. Combined with our pinpoint accurate imaging from our RTK drones, T. E. Stevens builds 3D site models digitally before the project breaks ground, allowing us to remediate conflicts, schedule issues, and cost impacts before they become an issue.

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Integrated Smart Machines

Our Integrated Smart Machines provide enhanced quality control at every stage of the construction process. Starting with our redundant measurement processes that provide instant oversight and correction, we know our data is accurate from the first survey. Powerful AI-assisted software allows us to execute our work more efficiently than ever, minimizing time and budget adjustments.

TE Stevens has designed and constructed slope, surface, and subsurface drainage systems for a variety of industrial, commercial, and civil developments. Our drainage and grading specialists design site-specific storm drainage solutions for large-footprint structures that will keep the water at bay for decades to come.


T. E. Stevens Company, Inc. was founded in 1986 in Birmingham, Alabama. We provide Pre-Development, Site Development, Smart Construction Services, and Surface Mining.


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